Rest Easy Sweet Diamond

Rest Easy Sweet Diamond

Some days, like at our holiday photo-shoot yesterday, working in animal rescue is a lot of fun. Watching a scared animal open up and trust again is extremely rewarding. Sending homeless animals off to their new homes is heartwarming. But there are some days, like today, that are just plain hard and utterly heartbreaking. Today, we must say goodbye to one of our own: the Dazzling Diamond 🐾💎

Sweet Dazzling Diamond originally came to us in 2015. She quickly became a volunteer favorite and was well cared for until she was adopted. Unfortunately, Diamond’s family needed to return her to us after several years in their loving home. It’s never easy to make the choice to give up a pet, but we appreciate that her family brought her back to us when they were unable to care for her. As we sought to find a new home for this amazing girl, her health started to decline, starting with her back legs collapsing when she walked. This prompted us to seek out a foster home for her, where she would be more comfortable and could get the more individualized attention she needed. Luckily, her adorable smile and gentle heart helped her find a foster right away.

While Diamond was in foster care, a team of staff and volunteers dedicated themselves to keeping her as happy and healthy as possible. Diamond’s foster mom has a full-time job and needed help getting her out for walks during the day. But it wasn’t difficult to find individuals willing to help out. Diamond never missed a walk thanks to her loving team, Team Diamond. They made sure that she had plenty of cuddle time too! Everyone who spent time with this sweet girl will tell you the same thing: she was absolutely precious and would light up the room with her little happy dance.

Team Diamond made sure that Diamond didn’t want for anything in her last few weeks with us. They really pampered this girl, feeding her puppuccinos and bacon, people-watching in the sun together, and treating her like a real Princess. If she was having a hard day, she wouldn’t even have to walk down the stairs to go potty; she would be carried. If she struggled to walk, they used her harness to assist her; then she would have her meals hand fed to her, just because. Her team would have happily continued this forever. But sadly, sweet Diamond’s health declined to a point that it was unfair to keep her going. As much as we wish it was possible to keep her, there is no cure for cancer.

Those of us that were on Team Diamond know that we have been forever changed by knowing her. Her strength, resilience, and genuine heart will always remind us that there is good in the world. She was an amazing dog who has left paw prints on many hearts. One heart was so moved, that Diamond was officially adopted today before she was sent over the Rainbow Bridge. Her adopter and foster mom will hold her forever in their hearts, along with the rest of Team Diamond. Rest easy sweet Diamond, we love you 💙

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