July 4th – Closed

July 4th – Closed

As a reminder, we are closed on July 4th. We reopen on July 5th.

Some tips from Rexx, to keep your pets safe today…

1. EXERCISE- your furry friend prior to the noise and excitement. A tired pet is a a more comfortable pet! When the temperatures are extreme, still to several short walks instead of long ones or substitute mental enrichment indoors instead of outdoor time.

2. PICTURE- have several recent photos of your pet available for distribution in the event it does escape.

3. MUSIC- Play calming music for your pet to create a calm, soothing environment.

4. SECURE- your pet in a place where they are less likely to be injured should they try to escape to “get away” from the noise of fireworks. This may mean a crate or securing the pet in an inner room of the home, away from glass doors and windows.

Happy 4th of July from Rexx and all of his furry friends at SPCA of Anne Arundel County!

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