Hutch Needs You!

Hutch Needs You!

Sweet baby Hutch has been through so much in his short life. At 4 months old, he has already gone through some severe trauma. This sweet boy came to us after he showed up at the emergency vet with two broken elbows. His owners couldn’t afford his medical care and were considering euthanasia. The vet called the SPCA, and we decided to sponsor his surgery. Due to the location of his breaks, and the amount of pain Hutch was in, both elbows needed to be surgically repaired immediately.

Hutch’s surgery was successful, but he is not out of the woods. He’ll be undergoing extensive physical therapy to ensure he can walk and run like other dogs. Currently, his wrists are swollen, and he has pressure sores and some nerve damage. He has physical therapy twice a day to help reduce the wrist swelling and stretch his limbs. Hutch goes through multiple sessions daily of applying heat and ice to help soothe his muscles, as well as ultrasound therapy to increase his mobility and stimulate healing. Hutch has a strong spirit and a sweet disposition. He is determined to be a happy-go-lucky puppy again. With your help, Hutch will continue to thrive and become a wonderful family companion.

The SPCA is committed to ensuring Hutch has the life he deserves, even as his medical expenses continue to rise. If you can help defray some our costs, please consider donating to the Betsy Medical Memorial Fund, which is used exclusively to offset costs in healing animals such as Hutch. Thank you for helping us continue to save animals’ lives!

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