A plea for Cody…

A plea for Cody…

When Cody came to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County, we noticed that while he was a sweet, fun-loving boy, he was also limping. This 3 year old, 111 pound Malamute was struggling and had a hard time walking. After a visit to the vet, we found that poor Cody has bilateral ligament tears. This causes him an immense amount of pain every second of every day. He can’t walk without the support of a volunteer and a sling. He’s been receiving cold laser treatments to help a bit with the pain but ultimately, Cody will need surgery to provide a permanent solution.

At 111 pounds, Cody has a lot of weight pushing on his already strained legs. He yelps in pain every time he walks. It’s so sad to watch such a happy guy feel so badly.

His surgery is very costly so we are looking to our ever-supportive community to help. Cody deserves to live the best, happiest, pain-free life. Through your donations, we can help him get there.

Click the link below if you’d like to contribute to Cody’s surgery. When donating, make sure you specify you are donating to the “Betsy Medical Memorial Fund” to ensure your donation goes towards Cody’s care,

Donate HERE for Cody’s surgery


Thanks to #TeamSPCA‘s amazing volunteers, donors, and supporters, we were able to reach our goal of raising $7,000 to fund Cody’s double knee surgery! He is currently healing up and enjoying his Physical Therapy.

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