A Special Girl in a Special Home

A Special Girl in a Special Home

We love this pupdate from Lilo, now Mele Kalikimaka! She’s having a great time in her furever home! She has 2 brothers and loves to play outside with them. Her mom tells us she “loves Mele so much and she wouldn’t know what to do without her.”

There have been some hiccups along the way to her happiness. If you remember, Lilo has megaesophagus which causes her to regurgitate her food if she doesn’t eat sitting up straight. She has experienced some larger regurgitation recently in her forever home. But Mele’s family is following up with a video flouroscopy swallow study, to better understand her megaesophagus, at the University of Missouri! They’ll also be learning about any new or alternative treatments that are available.

We are so happy that Mele is doing great in her home. She’s such a special girl and it makes us overjoyed to hear how happy she is! #HappyTails sweet friend!

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