Just a Babe Looking for a Home

Just a Babe Looking for a Home

500 days is a long time to spend at a shelter. And when it comes to K-Dog, his long stay with us is a complete mystery. He is a volunteer favorite, with everyone racing to get in their walks and snuggles with him. He may look serious, but he has a fun and goofy side that really captures your heart. At just shy of four years old, K-Dog’s ideal home would be able to provide some structure and discipline. He’s a guy with some simple needs but he’ll pay you back in spades with his loyalty and love.

For K-Dog, the more love you give him, the more love you’ll receive! He’s a never-ending fountain of love and affection. He’s been with us for two Valentine’s days without a love to call his own. Can you help him find his forever people and get out of the shelter before another holiday passes him by?

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