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In 2003 our staff said a tearful goodbye to Betsy, our beloved Beagle who had been our office mascot for three years.

Betsy was very old (at least 14 years) when she came to us with only one eye, few good teeth, and an ailing heart. There was something very special about Betsy, and her sweet nature immediately won the hearts of the staff.

Betsy with former employee Lyra SjobergHer treatable medical problems were taken care of, and Betsy became part of our shelter “staff”. She loved to go for walks, she loved to be petted, and she thrived on the excellent care she received from our shelter staff.

Betsy always enjoyed the pampering she received from the Adoption Follow-up Committee volunteers, headed by Molly Edsall, at their weekly gathering. Although Betsy lived sixteen months beyond what her veterinarians predicted, her heart gave out on January 16th and she had to be euthanized.

We extend a special thanks to the veterinarians and staff at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital for the outstanding care they gave Betsy, and the care and compassion they showed to our staff over her loss.

We miss Betsy every day and feel fortunate that she shared part of her life with us.

Betsy is shown being held by former employee Lyra Sjoberg.