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With the increase in temperature in the Annapolis/Baltimore area, special care is needed to protect the health and safety of dogs and cats.

It is illegal in Maryland to leave an animal in a hot car.

It is a violation (Annotated Code  21.1004.1) to leave an animal unattended in a vehicle in a manner that endangers its health or safety. Humane workers, police, fire, and emergency personnel may break into a car to save an animal in danger.  On a warm day, even with the windows partially open, the temperature can reach 120 degrees in just a few minutes.  This is hot enough to cause irreversible brain damage. 

If you see an animal in distress in a vehicle, call: Anne Arundel County Animal Control at 410-222-8900  or call  911.

It is too hot to leave dogs and cats outside for extended periods of time.

Animals left outdoors need shade from the sun and access to fresh, clean  drinking water at all times.  Dog houses and shelters for other animals kept outdoors must be located in shady areas. A dog house in direct sunlight does not provide a dog with adequate protection from the heat.

When you go jogging, roller blading, or cycling in hot weather leave your dog at home. 

Your dog can’t tell you when he’s overheated.  In order to please you, he may continue running until he collapses from the heat.

Don’t take your dog along for a ride in the pickup truck.

In hot weather the dog is exposed to the metal truck bed which can get hot enough to burn an animal's feet.  It is never a good idea to transport an animal in the open bed of a truck.  The animal is always in danger of being thrown from the truck or jumping out while the vehicle is moving.  In Anne Arundel County a person may not allow a dog to ride in the unenclosed area of a motor vehicle unless the animal is confined by a securely affixed, well ventilated container, cage, or other device designed to safely prevent the animal from falling or jumping from the motor vehicle.

(Article 12-3-106).