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Pets for Patriots

Did you know? We are part of Pets for Patriots - a program that helps veterans adopt a new pet friend while giving the most overlooked shelter animals hope and a home.



We'll outline some of the program benefits and requirements and provide some relevant links, but if you have questions about the program it's best to contact Pets for Patriots directly.

Eligible Pets

This program is available for animals that meet one (1) of the following criteria: 

- Dog or cat, two years or older
- Special needs dog or cat, of any age
- Dog or cat homeless for 6 months or more
- Large dog (40+ pounds at the time of adoption), of any age

Program Benefits

The Pets for Patriots offers a number of benefits beyond the "adoption special" which, for our shelter, is the waived fee for eligible pets. This includes after adopting, the veterinary partners offer a minimum ongoing 10% fee discount for pets adopted through the program. There is also a one-time $150 contribution via e-gift card to a major pet retailer upon eligible pet adoption, to be used for food, medications, supplies and other essentials.

More details: https://petsforpatriots.org/adopt-a-pet/veteran-benefits/

Location Requirements

"Veteran applicants are required to live within 40 driving miles of an existing Pets for Patriots shelter/rescue partner and 15 driving miles of a Pets for Patriots veterinary partner. Individuals who live marginally beyond either requirement are asked not to apply, but to contact us to request a location exception, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis."

More details 

Proof of Service

The program requires proof of service and some limitations apply.

More details: https://petsforpatriots.org/adopt-a-pet/proof-of-service/


To obtain a Pets for Patriots approval letter and learn more about the program, please visit: https://petsforpatriots.org/adopt-a-pet/how-it-works/


Pets for Patriots


Once you receive a Pets for Patriots approval letter, please bring it to the shelter. Our regular adoption process still applies