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Happy Tails

Happy Tails is the place to find stories of successful adoptions. Share your story by emailing it, along with pictures if you like, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I just wanted to share a success story!

We adopted Recon in July 2006 as a companion for our other Shiba Inu. It took Recon a little while to get comfortable with us, but it was well worth the wait! We thought with a new addition to the family, he would have a hard time adjusting. However, he's been a great companion (and very tolerant and protective) of our daughter, Sophia (14 months old).

A picture of the two is attached.

Its been 6 years since we adopted Darlene. We kept her original name to keep the confusion down she was already going thru.

She in all honesty adopted me. I was walking past the cages slowly. Went all the way to end were there was this really huge fat cat on top left, but hadn't met anyone that really caught my eye. I was really looking for kittens. As i walked back to beginning of isle with the intention of leaving, she stuck her paw thru the bars and grabbed me. Case closed, she was ours. She was put up for adoption because last owners said she had to much energy. We love her energy, and love playing with her.

We are coming in tomorrow with the hopes of getting Pebbles and Bam Bam, which is why I was browsing the site tonight.

We adopted "Blackie," a 7.5 yr old Black Lab back in November 2007. His name is now Jack and he is pushing 11 y.o. but still a puppy at heart. He loves to play tug and fetch-but only inside! He can't say no to any food and makes himself well known around meal time.

We can't believe how great Jack is and we are so thankful we made the decision to adopt an older dog. We love him just like he is a member of our family and don't know what we would do without his lap-dog like snuggles and wildly wagging tail. Thank you SPCA for all you do!

My boyfriend and I just adopted Max this past week and I wanted to let you all know how well he has adjusted already! He gets along great with our other boxer (Roxy) who is next to him in the picture and everyone who has met him loves him...he was very popular at the vet's office and at Petsmart!!  We really appreciate everything you all do and the chance you gave us to give this beautiful boy a new home!

Thanks so much!