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This past summer my husband and I added a new addition to our family that we adopted from your facilty.  Now Jessa Lauren gets ready to celebrate Christmas in her forever home.  We came in looking for a dog to keep our other pit bull Kaos company.  In March of this year our dog Boomer sadly passed away after battling a lengthy illness and Kaos missed his best friend and brother.  Kaos had made himself sick with worry and depression after Boomer’s passing and the vet suggested maybe it was time to bring another dog into our home to help Kaos.  Almost immediately after bringing Jessa home Kaos’ physical ailments cleared up after months of the doctors not being able to find anything medically wrong with him. 

Jessa is a joy. I was apprehensive in getting a puppy aged dog, remembering my time with potty training, kennel training and obedience training with my other ones.  I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.  My husband fell in love with Jessa the minute he laid eyes on her and was determined she was going to be ours.  I was so surprised how easily she transitioned to our home, she is so good on our daily walks on the leash and she had no problem with getting accustomed to her new kennel and surroundings.  She even mastered her basic obedience classes.  I contribute this with the love and care she received at the ASPCA. 

So it may be a little past due but thank you for allowing us to adopt Jessa Lauren.